Khutba Message:

" When the dissension takes place belief shall be in Al-Sham. "


List of English Words Rooted in Arabic

Admiral - أمير amīr, commander. Amīr al-bihār = "commander of the seas" was a title in use in Arabic Sicily, and was continued by the Normans in Sicily in a Latinized form

Adobe - الطوبة al-ṭūba | at-tūba,"the brick".

Algebra - الجبر al-jabr, completing, or restoring broken parts

Arsenal - دار الصناعة dār aṣ-ṣināʿa,[3] house of manufacturing. Ibn Khaldoun quotes an order of the Caliph Abdalmelic to build at Tunis a dār ṣināʿa for the construction of everything necessary for the equipment and armament of [seagoing] vessels.

Candy- قندي qandī, sugared

Magazine- ن مخاز makhāzin (from khazan, to store), storehouses

Soda / Sodium - سوادة suwwāda, سويد suwayd, or سويدة suwayda, one or more species of plant growing in salty environments whose ashes yielded sodium carbonate to be used as an ingredient in glass-making.

Traffic - تفريق tafriq "distribution"

Tuna- التون al-tūn, tunafish

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